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Deadly Ratings Edit

Series 1=Edit

S1 DR great white

Super senses, cutting teeth and raw power. The Great White Shark could probably eat everything else on the Deadly 60.

Series 3=Edit

S3 DR great white

Enormous power: They can breach their bodies completely clear of the water,
Exceptional senses: with their exceptional ability to detect prey from 5 km away,
Rows of razor sharp teeth: and mouths that are lined with up to 300 razor sharp teeth. 

No-one can question great whites on the deadly list.

Pole to Pole=Edit

Ptp dr great white shark

PERFECTLY CAMOUFLAGED: Perfectly Camouflaged,
SERRATED TEETH: with one of the most fared mouths on the planet,
OCEAN TERPEDO: and with a streamed-lined torpedo body,

it's perfection and DEADLY.