Series 3=Edit

S3 DR humpback whale
ENORMOUS SIZE: These immense marine mammals can weigh up to 40 tons,

INTELLIGENT HUNTING TECHNIQUES: coming together to hunt as a coordinated team,
INCREDIBLE APPETITE: and funneling tonnes of fish into their guzzling gullets,

The glorious Humpback, with a taste for fish by the truckload.

Pole to Pole=Edit

ENORMOUS SIZE: Weighing more then a fire truck,
HUGE MOUTHS: their huge gaping mouths can swallow guzzling tons of fish in a day,
AERIAL ACROBATICS: and they have the force to launch their whole bodies out of the water,

these ocean giants are . . . "DEADLY".

Pole to Pole=Edit

MEGA DETERMINED: With drive and determination to find a mate,
MIGHTILY FAST: deceptive speed,
POWERFUL FIGHTERS: and surprising aggression,

A runaway Humpback will stop at nothing.