1. Indonesia
Animal encounters: Water buffalo, Draco lizardDead skull series 3, Snakes, Spiders, Frogs, Green pit viperDead skull series 3, Flying foxes, Whip spider and Komodo dragonsDead skull series 3.

2. Ethiopia
Animal encounters: Kites, HyenasDead skull series 3, African fish eagle, Marabou stork, Pied kingfishersDead skull series 3, Gelada baboonsDead skull series 3 and Ethiopian wolfDead skull series 3.

3. United Kingdom
Animal encounters: Pollack, Flatfish, Conger eelsDead skull series 3, Four-spot chaser dragonfly (Dragonfly) & nymphsDead skull series 3, Pond snail, Water boatmen and KestrelDead skull series 3.

4. Alaska
Animal encounters: Humpback whalesDead skull series 3, Sea ottersDead skull series 3, Seagulls and Grizzly bearsDead skull series 3.

5. South Africa 1
Animal encounters: Seal, Cape buffaloDead skull series 3, Ground hornbill, Secretary birdDead skull series 3 and Great white sharksDead skull series 3.

6. Mexico 1
Animal encounters: Frigate birds, Sardines, SailfishDead skull series 3, Nurse shark, Black grouper, Green moray eelDead skull series 3, Catfish, Bats and Mexican night snakeDead skull series 3.

7. Australia 1
Animal encounters: Bearded dragon, Monitor lizard, Wedge-tailed eagle, Brown snake, Fierce snakeDead skull series 3, Tasmanian devilsDead skull series 3 and Blue ringed octopusDead skull series 3.

8.New Zealand
Animal encounters: Water spider, Fungus gnat larvaeDead skull series 3, KeaDead skull series 3 and Sperm whaleDead skull series 3.

9. South Africa 2
Animal encounters: CheetahDead skull series 3, Crowned eaglesDead skull series 3, Ravine spider(female), Giraffe, Flat-rock scorpion, Colubrid, Viper, Cobra, Boomslang, Mozambique spitting cobra and Puff adderDead skull series 3.

10.Australia 2
Animal encounters: Saltwater crocodile(eggs)Dead skull series 3, Box jellyfishDead skull series 3, Shrimp, Tiger snakes and Copperhead snakeDead skull series 3.

11. South America 1
Animal encounters: Spectacled caiman, Electric eelsDead skull series 3, Black piranhaDead skull series 3 and Maned wolvesDead skull series 3

12. Nepal
Animal encounters: Gharials, Asian elephants, One-horned rhinosDead skull series 3, Porcupine, Sloth bear, Civet, Bengal tigerDead skull series 3, Giant honey beeDead skull series 3, White-ruffed vulture, Vultures and Egyptian vultureDead skull series 3.

13. Mexico 2
Animal encounters: Morelet's crocodilesDead skull series 3, Remoras, Loggerhead turtle, Bull sharksDead skull series 3 and Bat swarmDead skull series 3(including Davy's naked-backed bats, Hariry-legged myotis bats, Ghost-faced bats, Common moustached bats and Mexican free-tailed bats).

14. Venezuela
Animal encounters: Capybaras, Giant anteater, Green anacondasDead skull series 3, Cockroaches, Vampire bats(dung), Scorpions, Scutigera and Giant scolopendraDead skull series 3.

15. South America 2
Animal encounters: Spectacled caiman, Orinoco crocodileDead skull series 3, Wolf fishDead skull series 3, Communal spiders, Sheildbug, Opossum, Brazilian red rump tarantula and JaguarDead skull series 3.

16. Sri Lanka 1
Animal encounters: Spinner dolphins, Asian elephantsDead skull series 3, Russel's viperDead skull series 3, Indian rock pythonDead skull series 3 and Blue whalesDead skull series 3.

17. Sri Lanka 2
Animal encounters: Mugger crocodileDead skull series 3, Common rat snake, Hook-nosed sea snakeDead skull series 3, Spotted deer, Water buffalo, Peafowl and LeopardsDead skull series 3.

18. Southern States
Animal encounters: AlligatorsDead skull series 3,  Gar, Fire antsDead skull series 3 and BobcatsDead skull series 3. Plant encounters: Pitcher plant, Sundews and Venus flytrapsDead skull series 3.

19. Florida
Animal encounters: Cottonmouth, Catfish, Terrapin, AmphiumaDead skull series 3, Racer, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakeDead skull series 3 and Bottlenose dolphinsDead skull series 3.

20. Unseen Featured Animals: Venezuela;Giant scolopendra, New Zealand;New Zealand fur seals, shark, Indonesia; Komodo dragon Australia; Salt water crocodile, Argentina; Crossed lancehead, and Florida; Tarpon Steve's favorite moments Dead skull series 1 Hammerhead shark, Orca Dead skull series 3Blue whale.

21. Killer Shots >Featured Animals:Great white Sharks, Chameleon, Salmon, Brown bear, Boomslang snake, Kingfisher, Cheetah, Puff adder, Orb-weaver spiders, Coral, Sundews, Sunflower starfish, Black caiman, Rattlesnake, Dead leaf mantis, Vultures and Goshawk.

22. Parasites Featured Animals: Zombie snail parasite, Leech, Vampire bat, Fleas:Bubonic Plague, Reduviid bugs, Cuckoo:Kleptoparasitism, Parasitic botfly, Tarantula hawk wasp, Bullet ants, Cordyceps, Tapeworm and Mosquito:Malaria

23. Super Powers

24. Neighbours Moose(young male)  Featured Animals: Elk, Black bears, Brown bears,

25. Self Defence

26. Endangered